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Jacques Remezo

country Ministry officer, Rwanda

Jacques Remezo is a tall, soft-spoken and social brother from the land of a thousand hills – Rwanda! He is happily married to Tabitha and they are blest with one son. Jacque’s passion in church service and ministry led him to theological studies. With a background in Theology, Jacque is a pastor by calling and profession. Growing up in Rwanda and relocating to Kenya for his studies, Jacque brings in a cross-cultural touch, where he understands and speaks 4 languages: Kinyarwanda, Swahili, French and English. To him, the holistic ministry approach is a driving force in the transformation of Africa!

chretien Ibyishaka

ICT & Media officer

Chretien Ibyishaka is energetic, creative and curious. He is one among eight children of his parents. Born in a village in Rwanda, and raised in the city – Kigali, he was exposed to opportunities that positively supported his mental and socio-economic development. His background in Information Technology and Business Economics works complimentarily with his passion for audio-visual content creation. He creatively organizes information into visually appealing content for digital consumers. To him, everyone exists for a God-given purpose and each one should pursue to know and fulfill God’s purpose upon his life.