Pastor leaders championing holistic transformation in the warm heart of Africa!

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PA has been operating in Malawi for eight years, (since 2012) and has journeyed with different communities in the holistic transformation agenda, realizing the great potential of the people and nurturing that to the point of living dignified lives that demonstrate personal responsibility, productivity and spiritual growth.






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Community Transformation

 A journey that Possibilities Africa (PA) begun in October 2020 with 35 pastors from 21 denominations. Having heard about PA from Bishop Joseph of Ahero, one of our first recruits over 6 years ago they were interested in what they learnt about PA and pursued a relationship that led to what we share today – a budding story of transformation.

As part of forming impact groups, our pastor leaders need to demonstrate a desire to participate in the transformation of their community. Possibilities Africa triggers this desire by facilitating a community vision casting session on the backdrop of the holistic
transformation approach. This is a deliberate activity to help move the pastor leaders from a point of dependence on handouts to developing a compelling vision for their community. PA then guides the pastor leaders in designing strategic plans to support the implementation of holistic activities that contribute to the achievement of their community vision.

With the entry of the holistic ministry programs, pastor leaders undertaking the PA programs are now able to put their faith into action and enjoy the results of improved livelihoods in their communities…continue reading

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