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The Church in Ntchisi in Malawi is providing both biblical and actual water. In 2020 as Covid started, pastors noticed many people did not have access to clean water to drink and clean. At the same time, there were over 64 boreholes in the area but most of them were broken down.

Having been trained by PA to be transformative leaders in the community, they came together to begin addressing this problem. The pastors mobilized local leaders, their churches and build partnerships to repair the boreholes instead of waiting for NGOs to come repair them. So far 14 boreholes have been repaired and 50 boreholes are remaining

With your support, these pastors will ensure every corner of their traditional authority has functioning boreholes and people have easy access to drinking water.

Project Benefits

  1. To serve over 10,250 households
  2. Encourage the local initiative to solve local problems
  3. To reduce and eliminate waterborne diseases!
  4. To ease the walking distance for women fetching water
  5. To improve living conditions

Mentoring the next generation

Possibilities Africa believes that transformation is a long term realizable for our children and their children. Transformation is to change tomorrow!

The pastor groups in Malawi have embraced this understanding and are investing heavily in mentoring the next children. In particular, and in addition to their church children ministry, they have identified early child development as the greatest need in their villages. Asa group of pastors in the same community, they are encouraging one another to start and run an Early Child Development Centers (ECDC). With these projects they are able to provide initial basic introduction to education within a Christian environment for children before they go to primary school. These centers also provide care for children to allow their parents to do daily chores to support their families. Further, some of these provide nutritious meals to help address malnutrition.

So far there are over 40 ECDC across _ communities with over 320 children care givers (teachers). The pastors usually contribute from among themselves, collect some meager fee from the parents to sustain these programs including learning materials and tokens of appreciation for caregivers. They use their church structures as the classrooms.

To improve the program, they need more better classrooms, train the children caregivers to be more competent, buy good children learning materials, acquire sufficient and nutritious foods, and give the caregivers better allowances.

Economic productivity

Poverty is a reality in Africa and much more so in Malawi. Possibilities Africa believes that to counter poverty one has to enhance productivity. The more people produce the more they overcome poverty.

Over the 8 years serving in Malawi, PA has partnered with pastor leaders to create over 240 small groups through which economic productivity can be enhanced. In these groups, the members learn to do micro saving and loaning, engage in productive work, set up micro businesses, and in some instances grow high impact projects in effort to increase their productivity and alleviate their poverty.

This process is all people driven with the pastors providing the visionary leadership for their members. Examples of  income generating activities undertaken are small-scale farming, irrigation farming, small retail shops, pigs & poultry keeping, carpentry, among other activities that leverage on people’s own local resources and abilities.

As there groups take these growth initiatives they need support acquiring some basic investment to increase their productivity. Resources invested will help them purchase farm inputs, irrigation pumps, among other resources that are essential for these highly agricultural communities. You can also support the setting up of a Model Farm where many small scale farmers can learn how to improve their yields from their small fields.

Spiritual discipleship & Leadership Development

Possibilities Africa seeks to grow a visionary, servant leadership in each community to nurture transformation. Over the 8 years possibilities Africa has recruited and equipped over 400 pastor leaders from different denominations and organized them into 28 community groups we refer to as C.I.F.A groups. Through these groups, pastors work with one another to provide a visionary leadership to their people in the community.

So far, through these pastors over 240 small groups have been started. The small groups belong to different churches and through them the pastors reach households with the holistic message and programs.

The groups, led by the pastors are involved in spiritual discipleship activities, economic empowerment activities, community service activities and they also work to support the work in their churches.

The leadership development and Spiritual Discipleship agenda is to help grow more leaders who are spiritually sound and who are engaged in serving one another, their church and community. The more leaders are trained and organized into CIFA or Shalom groups the more people are reached and the further transformation travels. Would you support the Malawi Pastors in the development of training of the pastors and shalom leaders for more and stronger CIFA and shalom group leadership.