We are Africa

We are Africa!
This is not merely because we are of African decent, no. We are Africa because we love Africa. We love Africa’s landscapes, music, language variety, potential and people. Because of our love for Africa, we want to partner for Africa.
I welcome you to learn more about how your love for Africa can be put into action as you join many brothers and sisters across the continent in creating possibilities for Africa!

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Possibilities Africa is a Christian organization that exists to equip pastors in rural African communities with knowledge and skills in holistic ministry for holistic transformation.

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founder's message

My mom taught all her children that life can get better only if one applied self to three core disciplines of hard work, education and Christian faith

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board chair's message

I have lived in both worlds, the village and the big city! From each, there are memories I hold dear that have helped me realize, a dignified life is not about the money, but more about being helped to make choices that make us see our circumstances as opportunities.