Africa Team

Martin Simiyu

The Founder & executive Director

Martin is the founder of Possibilities Africa. He currently provides overall leadership to the ministry and oversees the development of its activities in Africa as the Executive Director. He is based in Kenya from where the ministry work in Africa is headquartered. Previously Martin has worked as a pastor at Christ is the Answer Ministries, a large denomination headquartered in Nairobi. He has also worked in other organizations during his career growth including serving as a part time lecturer at Pan Africa Christian University and as a guest lecturer at Moody Bible Institute in USA. Martin has two MA. degrees in Organizational leadership from Biola University in California, USA and MA. Intercultural Studies/Missions from Moody graduate school in Illinois, USA. He also studied BA. Bible and Theology at Pan Africa Christian University and Diploma, Applied Statistics at Kenya Polytechnic in Kenya. To him, with God, all things are possible!

Stephen Andayi

Chief Programs Officer

Stephen Andayi (Dr.) is cool, calm and analytical. He is a husband to one Judith, with whom they have three adult children. He has lived and worked in different parts of Kenya serving in the education sector for over 30 years. At different points in his career leading and participating in curriculum development, administration and HR, planning economics, education technology and overall education management. His passion in education and human resource management has seen him lecture in five different universities in Kenya. This is in addition to his involvement in his home church in Bible study among other roles. As the Chief Programs and Training officer, Stephen diligently enriches the quality of all PA programs and is deliberate about value addition at all levels. To him, excellence is key!

vallerie Ndung'u

Communications officer

Vallerie Ndung’u is self-driven and enjoys a good laugh. She and her husband Michael are Kenyan city kids with a heart for the rural communities of Africa. The experiences of her life and work in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, South Sudan and Zambia have contributed to the passion she has for children mentorship and her enthusiasm for effective communication. With a background in Education, Sociology, Strategic Communication and PR, she brings on board a beautiful blend of structure, creativity and compassion. To her, children are the agents to unlocking the possibilities in Africa; and it takes God-inspired people to make this happen!

grey Makhole

country Ministry officer, Malawi

Often referred to as our elder, Grey Makhole understands the seasons well enough to know planting and harvest time! His life is about harvesting crops for food and souls for the Kingdom. Married to Fyness for 26 years, they have one daughter and have raised many other children in their home. As a pastor, Grey not only brings on board his theological hat from Miami International Theological Seminary, but also comes in as an expert in agriculture and vast experience in Not-for-Profit and Civil Society work over the years. Leading ministry operations in PA Malawi as Country Ministry Officer, Grey understands the needs and appreciates the potential of his countrymen and women. For him, tapping into every rural pastor’s potential is critical to changing the narrative of Africa!

gilbert Sang

Client relations officer

Gilbert is a great storyteller, and a passionate preacher. Between he and his wife Beatrice, are three precious children that the Lord has blest them with. Gilbert, having been born and raised in a rural community in the Rift Valley of Kenya, finds it a privilege to interact with pastors in rural communities. Over the years since he completed his graduate studies, he has been involved in church ministry both in Nairobi and back home in the village. His early life, academic background in Theology and extroverted nature make him the right fit for recruitment and relationship-building within the PA ministry. To him, the Gospel has the power to transform lives, regardless of age, tribe or social status!

kevin Kanyi

country Ministry officer, Kenya

Kevin Kanyi is a critical thinker. He and his wife Muthoni are blest with two children. Kevin has had his share of both the rural and city life and thus brings in a balanced outlook to the ministry. As an economist, he has the mind to imagine what could be, and is eager to participate in the process of bringing great ideas to life. As Country Ministry Officer Kenya, Kevin interacts with pastors as a brother and facilitator for the economic empowerment program activities. To him, faith needs action to bring forth the results we want to see through the transformation of Africa!

Jacques Remezo

country Ministry officer, Rwanda

Jacques Remezo is a tall, soft-spoken and social brother from the land of a thousand hills – Rwanda! He is happily married to Tabitha and they are blest with one son. Jacque’s passion in church service and ministry led him to theological studies. With a background in Theology, Jacque is a pastor by calling and profession. Growing up in Rwanda and relocating to Kenya for his studies, Jacque brings in a cross-cultural touch, where he understands and speaks 4 languages: Kinyarwanda, Swahili, French and English. To him, the holistic ministry approach is a driving force in the transformation of Africa!

davie Maluwa

Programs support, Malawi

David Kalidere Maluwa enjoys making people happy! He enjoys soccer, team activities and sharing ideas. David and his wife Madolo live in the capital city of Malawi, Lilongwe. David makes use of his background in Food Nutrition and Livelihood Security to support the PA ministry in Malawi by journeying with pastors and keeping records as they implement holistic transformational activities. To him, every journey is uniquely captured through listening and learning!

chretien Ibyishaka

ICT & Media officer

Chretien Ibyishaka is energetic, creative and curious. He is one among eight children of his parents. Born in a village in Rwanda, and raised in the city – Kigali, he was exposed to opportunities that positively supported his mental and socio-economic development. His background in Information Technology and Business Economics works complimentarily with his passion for audio-visual content creation. He creatively organizes information into visually appealing content for digital consumers. To him, everyone exists for a God-given purpose and each one should pursue to know and fulfill God’s purpose upon his life.

albert Simiyu

Financial services

Albert Kisiangani Simiyu is a reader, critical thinker and a problem solver. He lives and works in Kenya with his wife Clementina. Together they have been blest with five children, two of whom Albert has co-founded a business solutions company, to provide accounting, tax and related solutions to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), including non-profit organizations in Kenya. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and member of Institute of Certified Public Accounts of Kenya (ICPAK), his borders extend beyond Kenya to the rest of the globe, including USAID Financial Management for US Government Funding. With over 20 years’ professional experience, Albert brings on board a sound and stable style to achieving the ministry objectives. To him, commitment is the transforming ingredient!