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What’s been happening?

Nobody ever thought that a church building could be closed. Many pastors are caught up in this reality and have to deal with the strict government demands in reopening churches. The pastor leaders who have been running small businesses to sustain their families are grateful that they have not needed to depend on church offering for their livelihoods.

Many of the church members and pastor leaders long for the warmth of fellowship that they enjoyed on a regular basis. They now have to be more deliberate in their interaction, their study of the word, prayer and mentoring the children. Some have taken it upon themselves to reach out to the vulnerable among them in this season – a demonstration of servant leadership. Children are also heavily affected by this new normal and pastor leaders are being prepared on how to engage parents and adults in the community in mentoring children from the home front.

As we work on the issues at hand with our eyes on the big picture, there has been great impact among our pastor leaders. Have a look at quick highlights of what has been happening.


Pastor Owino’s school is a testimony of faith and obedience to God’s word. Making use of the resources at his disposal, including his church members, space in the church compound, and lessons he carried with him from the PA training, he has become a champion for mentoring the next generation in his community. 


Pastors in their area are more aware of the areas to focus their efforts on developing solutions and since such solutions are well targeted to pressing needs, other community members are taking note, and this is generating interest around the holistic transformation ministry work


Koka was for many years known to be an area where Christians faced serious persecution. Pastor Brihanu’s little kiosk was a safe space for many Christians to enjoy sweet fellowship and learn God’s word. These customers would frequent his shop even if not to buy anything, to feed their souls through fellowship. From this small shop, 20 churches have been planted with cell groups (Bible study groups) to maintain the culture of sweet fellowship in prayer and Bible reading