Lilongwe West CIFA Group continues to champion holistic transformation

Four years later, we can see the fruit of the seeds of holistic transformation among the 11 pastor leaders of Lilongwe West CIFA group. Today, we share key indicators of what the Whole Gospel, affecting the pastors’ heads, hearts, hands and heels has achieved so far, as they take their leadership positions to champion holistic transformation in their community. The pastor leaders have demonstrated commitment, ownership and responsibility in implementing holistic programs! They have led 5 church planting initiatives with 15 youth whom they trained on evangelism in 2019; they continue to mentor 1481 children in their 16 nursery schools.

They have 32 students in a secondary school which happens to be a model school in the district; organized their 580 members collectively into 39 shalom groups impacting their households on a weekly basis through Bible study, prayer and fellowship; trained 40 youth this year (2020) in skills to generate an income and move away from a hopeless and meaningless lifestyle; trained 40 members from 10 out of the 39 shalom groups on vegetable farming and allocated 1 hectare of land to them for planting, consuming and selling the surplus.
The group raised MK6,118.808 to develop their farming project, and they took a loan from PA of MK4,500,000 ($5,625) which they will pay back within 36 months. They are currently preparing their land for planting season!

Activity Updates

We have conducted in-person meetings in the past 3 weeks:

  • 2 communities in Rwanda: 34 pastors in total
  • 1 community in Kenya: 60 pastors
  • 1 group in Ethiopia: 50 pastors

We have held 9 online trainings via Zoom in
communities and reached a total of 188 pastors:


  • Rachuonyo: 35 pastors
  • Kuria:17 pastors
  • Khayega: 11 pastors
  • Hamisi: 24 pastors


  • Gongoni: 40 pastors
  • Shirati: 17 pastors
  • Songea: 12 pastors


  • Karongi 17 pastors
  • Ruhango 15 pastors

We have funded 2 CIFAs:

  • Lilongwe West: MK4,500,000 (USD 5,625)
  • Kayonza: RWF4,000,000 (USD 4,100)

Upcoming Activities

  1. Information sharing meetings running through
    October to introduce new pastors to the PA
    vision – aimed at preparing pastor leader
    groups to form CIFA groups. This will take
    place in 6 communities targeting 75 pastors in
    Rwanda and 40 pastors in Malawi.
  2. Preparation for Ethiopia training to be held
    between the 9th to 14th of November.
  3. Ongoing online and telephone engagement
    with the CIFA groups to address gap areas
    identified as they implement holistic programs.

…for with God, all things are possible!

Pray with us

  • Thanksgiving for healing of one of our staff in Kenya, Kevin, who is now well and back to work; and for
    Miskir who is celebrating the birth of their son.
  • Good health and protection for the team as they travel to different communities.
  • Continued encouragement among our pastors as they lead holistic transformation in their communities.

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