Thank you for your continued support to the ministry.

This year began on a high note with 96 pastors attending a four day conference on holistic ministry in Nairobi. This was the largest ever single group of pastors to gather in Nairobi for a Possibilities Africa conference. An aspect that stood out is that the pastors paid up a registration fee of 2500 shillings as a way of showing commitment. This is over and above their transport costs which they each catered for. We seek to break the handouts mentality among our communities by helping them to see that they have the potential to be involved, not only as beneficiaries but also as active stakeholders in the journey of holistic transformation.

The theme of the conference was LET US REBUILD! Nehemiah 2:17 – 18

Pastor Sandress Mshiska from Lilongwe, Malawi was the key speaker for the four days. Other speakers were Tabitha and Kingston Ogango from CITAM Valley Road, Bishop Masika from Yatta as well as Sam Makome and Tim Mwangi who are our board members participated in some of the training sessions.

Malawi Training

The increase in the number of communities to 27 in the end of 2016 has been exciting but it has also resulted to greater responsibilities for the team. Our team has been traveling to different communities over the past 6 months to provide community specific training to our groups as well as assessing impact of the ministry among our partners.