mission challenge

Africa is a continent of many faces! It is endowed with so much natural resources and great diverse peoples. It is a continent currently considered to be growing rapidly and urbanizing just as fast.

But Africa is also a home to some of the poorest villages in the world. It has been a recipient of foreign aid and charity for centuries. Its people are held back in all-rounded age-long poverty that keeps them hostage.

Rural-urban migration has contributed to both rural and urban poverty. Talent flight to the western countries and to the East has also contributed greatly to why Africa continues to struggle in total poverty. In the end, Africa’s resources – people, nature, and talent – are hardly harnessed for Africa’s own growth and development. Africa remains locked in poverty year on end with one question remaining

Will Africa ever transform?

Transformation is neither a one-man effort nor a quick-fix solution. It is a team and long-term investment. For everything you do, a child, a mother, a family, a village, a county, a country and eventually a continent is being transformed. Possibilities Africa stands out as a ministry appointed at this time to bring hope and true transformation on the continent of Africa

Martin Simiyu

It is this holistic transformation which remakes the entire life of a person and culture of a community that PA aspires to midwife and nurture among the peoples of Africa, with a focus on rural village communities.