mission model

Possibilities Africa (PA) undertakes our work by first recruiting and guiding pastor leaders and their church members to organize themselves into community groups through which they work together to pursue community transformation. We call these groups Community Integrated Financial Associations (C.I.F.A). These groups are formed around a common community vision that provides an integrated approach to addressing the multifaceted and perennial community poverty. Over the years, PA has developed, tested, and honed the CIFA group concept into a suitable vehicle for mobilizing, organizing and equipping people in rural African villages. Primarily these groups are led by pastor leaders who invest in their church members and who in turn impact the rest of the community.

core programs


Transformational Leadership Development

This is the PA anchor program from which other programs are implemented. The program focuses on recruiting & selecting, organizing and equipping pastor leaders, who together as a cohesive group, provide visionary, servant leadership necessary for sustainable holistic transformation. We target pastor leaders because they have the truth of the bible upon which they can build a holistic vision for their families, churches and communities. These pastors are both ministry beneficiaries as well as the actual ministry implementers on the ground in the community. PA invests in building into them to develop the values of servant, vision, knowledgeable, godly and united leadership necessary to create a better life for the people in their communities. Proverbs 29:18; Hosea 4:6; Nehemiah 2:17

spiritual discipleship

Spiritual Discipleship

PA believes that guiding people in the Judeo-Christian faith and practice gives them a foundation necessary for true and eternal transformation. This means teaching the whole gospel to transform the whole person and impact the whole community. The program is designed to equip the pastor leaders to lead devotional discipleship and numerical growth of the church in the community.

economic emporment3

Economic Productivity

Most rural African communities are endowed with great natural resources. Many face the challenges on how to best utilize their resources and talents. PA empowers the people in the community through the pastor leaders’ groups to see the resources around them, learn how to develop them through diligence and hard work, and use them sustainably for the wellbeing of their communities. PA teaches and encourages an asset-based development model instead of a handouts approach to helping people.

children mentorship2

Mentoring the Next Generation

Possibilities Africa believes that though the fruits of our work are seen today, major transformational milestones shall be attained over a generation. As such we intentionally support the mentoring of the next generation as a core program that invests in children and teenagers to grow up with the values, beliefs and life skills necessary to live holistic lives. We equip the pastors to develop programs and platforms for holistic mentoring of the children at home, church, school and in the community.

community outreach2

Responsible Citizenship

This program recognizes our responsibility to live our values in the community where God has placed us as responsible citizens contributing to solving community problems and creating an orderly society. We do this through helping the churches develop programs uniquely designed to impact the community around them outside the four walls of the church. These may address several community issues including developing community cohesion activities such as sports & theatre, developing emergency response preparedness & resilience, providing accountability to community leaders & administrators, and participating in building community resources such as schools, health centers, sources of clean water, roads etc.

PA delivers the programs through organizing, training, programming and networking our pastor leaders to develop their communities, starting with their families and churches.