A heart of compassion for the marginalized community members – Pastor Peter Ngala’s story

Luchenza group of pastors joined the holistic transformation journey in October 2020, as a referral from an already existing group, Nkalo CIFA. With an estimated population of 160,000 there are many people to reach out to and impact with the holistic message.

The pastors in Luchenza were unaware of their role and responsibilities as leaders in the community. Some issues that they remained observers of include low education standards coupled with low literacy levels and early school drop-outs, early marriages that were mostly short-lived, and a general sense of lethargy among community members.

Through the training engagements with PA, the pastors were awakened to their role as leaders and challenged to act in obedience to God’s word.  They began seeking for answers from within themselves and their community to tackle some of the issues they were facing.

Pastor Peter Ngala, one of the CIFA members has been a transformation champion in his community, by preaching the Gospel practically. After participating in the training, he was moved with compassion for the elderly and vulnerable members of the community, who have been marginalized over the years. On sharing this burden with some of his church members, there was a sense of agreement that they needed to collaborate in providing a sustainable solution to the problems faced by the marginalized members of their community.  

As they prayed and identified actual challenges being faced, they formed a fund to raise resources for the support of the elderly. Their view as that low hanging challenges needed immediate solutions as they worked on the big picture sustainable project.

The pastor and some of his church members mobilized over MK150,000, that benefitted 35 people in need, a process that was overseen by the Church board. With the cold season approaching, the pastor and his church members were guided to purchase blankets, support in food supplies and other basic home needs for the 35 people identified. The distribution was conducted on 25 May 2021 and served as a true demonstration of the Gospel in action.

According to Pastor Peter, “The message of holistic transformation could not have come at any other time!”