LIWEDI community – Impact highlight

Economic empowerment

As a stable group that has journeyed with PA in implementing holistic transformation programs, the pastor leaders in Liwedi (Lilongwe West) have demonstrated ownership of the vision. Today this group of pastors is championing holistic transformation programs in their community at a high impact level.

  • The pastor leaders are discipling and training 40 shalom group members in vegetable production with the aim of improving their family nutrition and gaining surplus for income.
  • Having acquired farming land with micro-financing support from PA, the CIFA group has prepared their land for large scale farming. This is a community wide transformation project that the pastors are leading, by incorporating small groups into project ownership. A hectare of this land has been allocated to the community small groups, for them to practice vegetable farming and build the discipline together, gain profit and replicate this model in their own homes.
  • In order to be practical as servant leaders, the pastors working together with shalom group members to plant sugar cane on a larger scale, as part of the community’s economic empowerment project. The has been a great encouragement to the community members who now see the true Gospel at work, beyond the pulpit preaching.


Responsible citizenship

  • The pastor leaders are taking responsibility of their community as leaders, by ensuring their members experience the love and care of the Gospel they preach. To this end, the pastors have rehabilitated a young lady, divorced and devastated, by equipping her with practical means of sustaining herself. The pastors, from their savings, boosted her broom-making business with MK 10,000/- which is all she needed financially to get it moving again. The overall support includes prayer, visits to encourage her and integrate her back into community life. She continues to experience healing and renewed hope in her new journey.
  • In order to participate in a community wide project, the pastor leaders have mobilized their church members to work together in making bricks that will be the churches’ contribution to the community health centre. This activity has fostered a sense of ownership in problem solving among the church members and brings the holistic transformation message to life

mentoring the next generation

  • Three churches have been planted by 15 youth whom the pastors have trained and mentored in spiritual discipleship and life skills. The life skills training is giving hope to many young people who were previously living undignified lives filled with poverty, shame and confusion about their purpose.
  • Over 3000 youth have been trained in life skills and the pastor leaders are actively seeking opportunities for growth during the continuing training process.