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Head; Finance, Administration & Compliance 

(Based at Head Office – Nairobi, Kenya)

This role is part of the leadership team of the organization. The holder of this role contributes strategically and operationally to the governance and management of the organization helping the Executive Director, board, and senior management in the strategic leadership of the organization. The role also takes on a management and oversight role, especially in ensuring that the organization is professionally and well managed in the areas of finance, administration, and statutory and legal compliance. The role reports to the Executive Director and serves as a member of the senior management team and contributes to board activities.

Specific duties and Responsibilities;

  1. As a member of the management leadership team, have the capacity and ability to provide strategic and business thinking to support the planning of organizational growth, innovation, and sustainability
  2. Supports the board in managing board schedules, planning board meetings, and events, taking board minutes and keeping board documents, planning for board training, and supporting board retention activities
  3. Oversees all financial management activities including preparation and distribution of accounting and financial reports, developing and maintaining an integrated financial management system of policies and procedures compliant with applicable international accounting principles, standards, regulatory frameworks, and donor requirements, and manages financial and accounting personnel. Further provides leadership in the budget-making process while making financial projections to support planning and fundraising efforts and monitors the financial implementation of the budget in relation to actual expenditure
  4. Proposes policies for the organization’s administration and enforces adherence to the approved policies.
  5. Oversees all administrative responsibilities of the organization leading to the smooth working of various country and departmental teams through effective planning, development and scheduling of work plans, and communication, among other management processes towards enhanced team collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  6. Manage the office administration function, resource deployment, and support resolution of issues relating to operational management to ensure a smooth, synergized running of the offices, departments, and projects.
  7. Oversees and supervises a projects team responsible for financial and income-generating and investments projects in the organization.
  8. Responsible for PAK legal and statutory compliance requirements including creating an understanding of compliance areas, and engaging needed support to ensure compliance areas are professionally undertaken as per law or statutory requirements, for PAK, affiliate or partner organizations, and community groups.
  9. Responsible for the development and management of MOUs, agreements, and contracts with PAK’s partner organizations and community groups including leading the drafting and/or review of MOUs, submitting them for approval by the board, and overseeing their implementation and compliance.
  10. Develops a departmental growth plan and the recruitment of department staff and takes initiative to ensure the 3-legged roles of Finance, Administration, and Compliance are well supported and developed to fulfill their intended value to the organization
  11. Undertakes any other duties reasonably assigned in the advancement of the organization’s goals.


How to apply

Interested candidates are invited to send their applications to: by 29th April 2022. 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please indicate the job title as the subject of your email application.