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Head; Communications, Collaboration & Development 

(Based at Head Office – Nairobi, Kenya)

This role focuses on streamlining internal communications and enhancing external engagement through growing three key areas of communications, collaboration, and development i.e., resource mobilization, in their broader sense. The suitable candidate should be a versatile, highly driven, “all-in” leader able to understand the demands of the role and pull together plans, people, and resources to execute it. The heart of this role is to create effective communication strategies, culture, and practice throughout the organization; to design and oversee the execution of a plan of building relationships, collaboration, networking, partnerships geared toward resource mobilization and enhance the visibility and buy-in for the organization’s work through advocacy, merchandising, events planning and management, publicity and linkages of all forms but vital and relevant to the work that the organization and its community ministry partners do. Further, the role helps come up with creative platforms to enable PAK to achieve more visibility and to become a market-known ministry able to attract support and opportunity.

Specific duties and Responsibilities;

  1. Reports to IED while collaborating with several senior-level management and country teams.
  2. Leads the design and deployment of all PAK communication, branding and publicity programs resulting in the marketability, awareness, and visibility of the work of PAK, PAK community groups, and PAK affiliates
  3. Designs and drives PAK fundraising and resources’ mobilization agenda
  4. Develops and manages the PA relationship with CSR platforms for major organizations.
  5. Leveraging research of all kinds, undertakes to Identify, develop, and nurture collaborative opportunities, relationships, and partnerships valuable to PAK and community ministry groups with external entities such as NGOs, churches, government agencies, businesses, institutions of learning among others in order to harness support and resources including training, material, financial and other for the implementation of community groups’ agenda and the PAK vision in general.
  6. Champions the mobilization of African urban and international diaspora by recruiting, educating, and engaging them in order to harness their involvement and investment of their time, treasure, talents, expertise, and funds, hence contributing to the transformation of the communities of their villages or countries.
  7. Leads in the designing, planning, and coordinating of the PA events, conferences, and conventions at centralized and also at community levels. Further, responsible for guiding and supporting country teams in planning annual fundraising events through participants mobilization, event setups and logistics, and other efforts to realize the intended goals.
  8. Develops and brands a PAK volunteers’ program and supports Country teams in the development of the PA volunteers’ program and the coordination of international mission trips.
  9. Leads in the development of organization merchandising through promoting the developing of PA-unique products and community produces, and packaging, and branding them for marketing with the aims to increase PA visibility, raise additional income for PA, provide a market for community produces, and products reaching both local and international market.
  10. Advocates and creates awareness for the work of the PAK communities in an effort to advance the acceptance of their work, and rally more collaboration and support. Further equips community groups to advocate for their work locally in their community and to other networks within their reach.
  11. Takes steps to develop and grow the department for the roles assigned and contribute to the recruitment and onboarding of line team members for communication, branding, merchandising, relationship building, fundraising, and other relevant functions.
  12. Provides relevant reports.
  13. Takes on any other duties as relevantly assigned.


How to apply

Interested candidates are invited to send their applications to: by 29th April 2022. 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please indicate the job title as the subject of your email application.