The Founder's message

My mom taught and modelled to all her children that life can get better only if one applied self to three core disciplines of hard work, education and Christian faith. This lesson and these values from my mom are the inner driving ingredients that make us at Possibilities Africa believe that it is possible to transform Africa one village at a time.

Possibilities Africa is on a journey to revolutionize how Africa does life and development. We appreciate others who over the centuries have “done or given things” i.e build schools, provide water-wells, give charity food, adopt our kids and pay school fees for our children, build our churches and support the training of our pastors; to help Africans live a better life. Nevertheless, we are motivated that we can change the cycle of dependence to create a new way of life that empowers Africans to build and create the lives they desire. At Possibilities Africa we reimagine and reengineer the future where through faith, personal responsibility, industry, servant leadership, we create and pursue a vision of better lives.

In this website, we have one desire! To engage with you and help you see how Africa can transform and how it is transforming. This website is an invite to you to be part of this movement for a new Africa. Africa will only become what we choose to make it to be. Let us, together, create an Africa that our children will be grateful to inherit.

Possibilities Africa provides a platform for each one of us to help create a new, revolutionized and transformed Africa, full of dignity, self-worth and hope not because of what others from other continents have done for us but one where we use what God has given to our continent for the good of our people. Indeed, We Are Africa!

Martin Simiyu